I would've literally cried if I were Park Jisung and closed the live... What is this

Full-fledged patience from Park Jisung & his character test live broadcast thread

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From the beginning of the live, they (Haechan & Chenle) had a straight face and didn't want to greet
(embarrassment test)

(t/n: the whole thread bascially talks about the different stages of personality test Jisung had to go through from level 1 (embarrassment test) to level 10 (patience test, hardest level))

Chenle: Come on! Let's go baby!
Jisung: C-mon! C-mon! C-mon! [...] Come one, C-mon, C-mon
Chenle: What's that?
Jisung: "C" "C'mon"
Chenle: Wow.. (inaudible)

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1. [+155, -4]
But people who watched this directly would all know, but not only Chenle was problematic but also Haechan was just legendary ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ A dongsaeng way younger than him is working so hard to make the mood but he's just turning down everything, and Chenle and him were just whispering things to each other the whole time and ignoring everything Jisung was doing while eating their chips ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jisung must've felt so bad too and he was trying to interact with the fans until the end without making things obvious ㅋㅋ Do you think it's right? The fans were even wondering whether Haechan was sulking towards Jisung, is he sulking because Jisung likes to talk? This is straight up bullying, seriously it was uncomfortable to watch 

2. [+121, -3]
I hate people who ignore others as a joke 

3. [+98, -11]
It's because they have so may fans who delude themselves with their friendships with them, they know this best themselves, so they were trying their best to hold back... This is pitiful 

4. [+97, -1]
No but he was reading the questions asked by their fans and they didn't even pretend to be listening, when he asked to greet the fans, they didn't do it either and kept whispering to each other's ears and laughing 

5. [+95, -7]
It's not the first or second time Chenle does something like that, seriously people don't change 

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