Warner Music Korea colluded with an outside party to poach members of Fifty Fifty, the girl group's agency Attrakt said Monday.  
Warner Music Korea is Fifty Fifty's Korean distributor.
"We have evidence of [outside party] clearly attempting to poach Fifty Fifty members illegally, and we request Warner Music Korea to provide an adequate explanation and answers," Attrakt said in a statement Monday.  

It added that the company asked Warner Music Korea for an explanation in a mail.
Attrakt also partnered with Warner Records, Warner Music Korea's parent company, for its global promotions back in April.
Fifty Fifty's agency said on Friday that outside parties have been approaching the girl group members to break their contract with Attrakt and to sign new exclusive contracts with another entertainment agency.
"We have learned that other entertainment agencies are spreading bad rumors about [Attrakt] in an attempt to lure the members of Fifty Fifty so that they make a wrong choice in breaking the exclusive contract they have signed with the agency," Attrakt said Friday.  
"We feel strong resentment with the illegal actions taken by such agencies trying to steal the miracle we have created. We plan on taking legal action with no compromises."  
Fifty Fifty rose to global fame just four months after its debut with its latest track, "Cupid," staying on Billboard Hot 100 for 13 weeks in a row.
The group has been making headlines for the unprecedented feat.

CR.JoongAng Daily

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1. I feel like if it's Warner Music, then isn't it dealt with FIFTY's PD side? Isn't this just a fight between the PDs?

2. Their company is so pitiful, just because they're good at making songs and sent them to Billboard, they're treated like thatㅋㅋ

3. But their company is the one who debuted them with their own investment and did all the work
4. If they want to only promote overseas, their image will really be ruined domestically, especially for a rookie. This is something China would do to seduce innocent members and entice them like that 

5. ㄷㄷ Warner.....? If they went there of course they'd get a bunch of benefits but I feel bad for their compay. However, their CEO is being way too emotional right now, he needs to get it together ㅜㅜ 

6. Seeing this, it feels like it'll take a while for their comeback... What crime did the members commit....

7. This feels like a PD VS their company's employee

8. Damn it... What crime did the members commit?

9. This feels like a baseball team ㅋㅋㅋ

10. The members are gonna be put in a difficult situation... 

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