She looks like a model... I feel like her makeup also gave her the model look. It freaking suits her. I like it even more because it's so different from her usual idol makeup. She's still young but she really matches Chanel

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1. [+69, -8]
Leeseo kinda has that actress vibe. She suits this kind of brand event so much

2. [+65, -8]
Leeseo matches Gucci too when she went to their event last time.. but she also suits Chanel. Pretty.. Personally, the Gucci outfit matched her so well that I feel like there was probably a Chanel outfit that would look better on her.. but Leeseo is everything

3. [+59, -1]
She's freaking pretty already but once she becomes an adult, her visuals will be legendary. She's so pretty in an alluring way already

4. [+58, 0]
Leeseo's beauty is more on the mature side so I think that's why she's able to pull off this brand. There's no apparent mismatch

5. [+50, -91]
She made Chanel look like some 20,000 won bag from the Dongmyo market

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