The design of Peripera's special exhibition this time is similar to NewJeans' Phoning design. It's a communication app. Their fans are talking about it

The below are Phoning's images

And this is the suspected plagiarized Peripera images

This isn't just a simple promotional design. They are even using this design to sell their goods

I feel like they maliciously took Phoning's design because it's simple so it's hard to copyright it.
It's not even an official collab...
It's a brand that almost everyone knows so can they really do this? Copying it like this is seriously so ugly, sigh..
The ADOR workers will really lose heart

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1. [+59, -2]
Have people's understanding about copyrights all gone to hell in the comment section? This isn't even a collab and they are even selling their goods using that design but you guys don't consider this as plagiarism?? This isn't even a reference to another company's design, they are straight up copying everything

2. [+55, -1]
They even took the logo's font as is

3. [+55, -1]
Huh...? This is not even a small shop but a big company and they are copying others so blatantly?

4. [+39, 0]
It's the same. I wonder what's Peripera's stance. I don't know if ADOR gave them permission for this or if it's Phoning's designer who designed this

5. [+34, -1]
They ripped it off as is ㄷㄷㄷ

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