Those are all the people who came to their fan meeting... Is this really a fan meeting or a blind date? ㅠ

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They are called "idols" but there are groups who are more focused on just doing events rather than doing your regular idol promotion. There are also MCs, gagmen and solo singers who focus more on just attending events. There are kids who debut and call themselves "idols" but who never go on broadcast and just perform at events too. They are a bit more formal than dance teams but they are more of a minor league than idols.... But they can earn and live just fine with payments from events

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These kids didn't debut in mid-small companies but really f*cking small companies. Just like the old Bangtan or Fifty Fifty, if they have good luck, they'll hit big. So that's why it's important to shoot for big or mid-companies... Of course, this doesn't just apply to idols. Even for employment, you should aim for big companies

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But at this rate, they are not idols but just a dance crew no?

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But if you looked at those kids who are basement-idol-level, anyone can tell that they don't have the face to become idols. Pretty and handsome kids will succeed by themselves 

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The scale aside, I don't think that any sane company would operate like this. If they have low attendance, they could at least do it at a cafe or find a room instead. Even if there are only a few people attending, the fans must be the ones paying for their attendance so they should at least plan something but... they probably don't even view them as celecrities but as something else...

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