A 39-year-old man killed two women, ages 22 and 26, by indiscriminately stabbing them with a knife around 5 p.m. at a mall called Plaza Hollywood.

While one woman was being attacked, the other woman tried to push the man away, but to no avail, and was immediately targeted next.

CCTV footage shows that there were bystanders, but no one came to their aid.

One victim died at the scene and the other was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 

Full story: here

There are videos about this circulating on Twitter but I really don't suggest you to watch them because they are too horrific... OP didn't know what it was about and watched it and was so shocked.

When I wrote the post at first, it seemed like I was blaming the people around so I first want to apologize. I can't believe this horrific event happened in broad daylight at a mall and I'm just speechless.

(T/N: the police is currently investigating the man's intent)

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1. This is way too sscary. I'd be scared and frozen if I saw someone holding a knife

2. I really suggest you not to watch the video... it's way too scary

3. I just watched the video and my stomach is churning

4. Seriously, how can one even escape a crazy f*cker like him?....

5. To the people cursing at the bystanders, just try standing in front of him.....

6. Wow how are you even supposed to stop someone like him? The friend tried her best to help.. this is so sad ㅠㅠㅠ

7. I saw the video and...ㅠㅠ it was just way too cruel...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ seriously, he was just stabbing them like crazy.... this was a hate crime

8. Women are just getting killed everywhere. Whether it's in this country or another country. What a f*cked up world

9. How can he pick on young and weak women like this...

10. He's a crazy bast*rd with a knife in his hand.. how are people supposed to help?;;;

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