Hello, this is ATTRAKT.
We would like to inform you about the attempted shutdown of the official FIFTY FIFTY fan café that occurred at around 3pm today.

original post: here

1. The members didn't do anything wrong, why are they the ones getting dragged

2. No but why would you do that.... 

3. So they won't be able to promote in Korea at this rate

4. Seriously what are they doing? Do they think the contract is a joke?

5. The moment your song hits big, you cannot be your own person anymore. Why is this always happening?

6. But one song hitting big doesn't mean the group is successful

7. I feel bad, it looks like a PD fighting with their company's owner

8. I wonder what the members feel??

9. No but there's already a contract, why are they doing this...

10. How can you try to shut down a fancafe as an outsider?

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