"You do well at managing official SNS accounts for other singers in the same production center who are promotiong on the same day and other members from the same group. Do you have staff for Taeyeon in production center 1?"

"SM who can only take care of groups, and zero ability to take care of solo artists. Solo singer Taeyeon who filled KSPO Dome on her own has no independent staff team. If you’re going to do this, then let’s break up/say goodbye."

"Short pre-order period, less versions, no inclusions, and no shipments two months after INVU album was published, a company that was forced out of print."

"At the HK concert, more than 1100 limited viewing seats tickets were released through scalpers, not publicly, 3 days before the concert and sold to fans for over 600k won a ticket, why does SM neglect this?"

"Where did the equal content of SM 3.0 go? You said you’d communicate on the Taeyeon official account? An advertising account that’s only full of advertisements!"

"SM’s top female solo singer Taeyeon’s Asia Tour, a busy company that is striking down let alone helping"

"Management of the official accounts, unpaid passion-paid people are better than you"

"Thought the Taeyeon Official account was a fake account, No work, No sincerity, No Effort, No sense, what are you doing?"

"The seasons have changed 3 times but there’s only been 2 pieces of Taeyeon self-made content, you give concert content to the rest so why do you only pass on Taeyeon?"

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1. I really hope that they push Taeyeon who's so good at singing way more

2. No but do SM have different representatives for the team and the solo members? I feel like they are pushing Taeyeon pretty well though?

3. SM doesn't even do the bare minimum for Taeyeonㅋㅋㅋ They are almost blocking her but she's still showing good results so that's why you still see her in the media and that she's been able to maintain her popularity

4. If you just look at this year, it does make you wonder just what has SM done for Taeyeon. Seriously, they don't seem to care at all. From her official accounts to CFs to self-made contents, it's as if they are blocking her, f*ck

5. Seriously ㅠㅠ I understand them... SM, please treat her better!!!!!! Taeyeon can do so much better than this..

6. Taeyeon doesn't have any staffs for Taeyeon??? WHy????

7. so there's no staff working for Taeyeon??? F*cking shocking

8. We are not even asking SM to treat her the best but to just do the bare minimum but they are still not doing anything soㅋㅋ

9. They are always so slow at releasing behind-the-scenes of their artists' concerts. My bias had a concert in April and they only released the behinds in June.. anyways, fans, find strength

10. I wonder if Taeyeon has thoughts about leaving SM?

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