The agency of the girl group FIFTY FIFTY pointed out producer Ahn Sungil, who made the hit song "Cupid," as an outside force that attempted to steal members and filed a complaint with the police.

 FIFTY FIFTY's agency, Attrakt, announced on the 27th that it had filed a complaint with the Seoul Gangnam Police Station against four people, including Ahn Sungil and the CEO of The Givers, for obstruction of business, damage to electronic records, fraud, and breach of trust.

Attrakt said, "The Givers, who signed a service contract with us and performed project management and work. In the process of taking over the work, they sabotaged our business by deleting company mail accounts and project-related data, damaged our electronic records, did fraud, and breached the duty in the course of business."

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1. It's over

2. So 90% of the issue on both sides are the part timers they used... 

3. Why are people pitying the company? Our country has literally lost it 

4. It's my first time pitying a company

5. I pity the company's CEO so much, he's just been taking blows after blows

6. So they're throwing away their own work...? Ah this company is pitiful 

7. The producer was the f*cking bast*rd

8. I feel bad... This group could've succeeded so much ㅜㅜ I hope they can resolve this..

9. The members are trying to act like pigeons..?

10. Just why would they choose something like that?

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