Does it happen because she doesn't change the parting of her hair? How did it become like that?

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But even if you look at it with a glance, it's clear it's not just the way it's parted, but the way that the picture was taken with the light shining on her no? Your scalp will reflect differently based on the way the pictures are taken usually 

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But during her Yeo Dakyung days, I used to think that she had a full head of hair

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It's just because the camera's angle is making it worse than it actually is. She doesn't have hair loss, it's just that in that instant, her hair looked more sparse than usual

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So what if she has hair loss, she earns so much f*cking money that she can stop this whenever she wants

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The sunlight + her hair being light color and thin make it look like she has less hair, but even though I don't have a full head of hair like that, I end up looking like this too. I just changed my parting for 3 months and got a better shampoo and when I went back to my original parting, my hair looked better. Men have it harder with hair loss, women can easily prevent this with self management 

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