F*ck this breaks my heart... I don't know what Jennie did that she's getting so much hate
People should stop hating on her

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1. [+51, -35]
She's just crying on stage so what? Does it mean that she's crying because she's sad? She's able to date while being a member of BlackPink, when she's having a bad time, she can just come down from the stage, when she wants to go into acting, she acts, she's able to do whatever she wants in her life, why would she be crying? She probably cries from happiness, she has so much money, she's so popular, do you guys know that she lives a completely different life from us?

2. [+34, -2]
I feel like rather than crying from hurt, she's crying from happiness, people shouldn't feed the troll 

3. [+23, -2]
Jennie is crying from happiness, you Jennie haters ajummas, you're probably crying from jealousy when you see her 

4. [+20, -2]
Jennie's haters are always swarming in all the time to write hate comments on her. Stop with those troll posts, I just hope that Pann stops mentioning Jennie 

5. [+19, -6]
So why is she crying?

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