Artist of the year - Seventeen 

Album of the year - Seventeen 

Song of the year - NewJeans 

If these are pretty much confirmed, then this year's artist will be between Seventeen VS NewJeans

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1. [+47, -4]
I'm more looking forwrd to Seoul Music Award, I wonder if "they" will receive it again this year

2. [+44, -18]
I feel like NewJeans will receive 2 this year... They've chewed on everyone since the beginning of the year and this year will be all about NewJeans

3. [+42, -6]
Whenever we're talking about daesang, I get reminded of them wanting to give it to Taeyeon so they separated both physical and digital awards
"Taeyeon "SMA" allegation of fairness... Last minute change in award giving because BTS didn't attend"

4. [+33, -28]
Honestly you can't deny that the top male idol right now is Seventeen 

5. [+23, -5]
Hybe will really sweep all the Daesangs ㅋㅋ

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