Tweet about Eunchae Star Diary receiving NCT Dream as guest

"Hong Eunchae is a boy crazy b*tch"

"This f*cking b*tch, this show is straight up finding a husband for Eunchae f*ck. why are you touching my husband? He's a married man f*ck"

"F*ck cancell this f*cked up b*tch"

"F*ck just die"

"F*ck what is this f*ckery 
Ah f*ck..."

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Hong Eunchae is a boy crazy b*tch"

"To the ajummas in the QRTs, Hong Euncha isn't some baby so wake up, why are you guys babying an adult?"

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1. [+43, -6]
SM's male idols fans speciality 

2. [+43, -1]
They did that with Lee Youngji too, do they not know how to private their accounts..

3. [+39, -2]
The DREAM fans are acting up like that every time. They were bashing Doyoung today and now they're bashing Hong Eunchae

4. [+38, -1]
Seriously their levels are so low. What did Eunchae do f*Ck 

5. [+31, -2]
They were always mentally deranged... The fans know well what they're doing and they know everyone can see, which is why they're not in their right minds

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