Hyungwon and Unee unnie (Unee is a sports announcer, they've been rumored to be dating 4 years ago)

(She's watching Monsta X at a sports event)
"Premier seat with the SPOT TV family
I'm listening to the sunbae's broadcast..
It was pretty food, thank you"

(Q&A from her Instagram)
Q: Unnie! I listened to Sweetheard (from Monsta X) all thanks to unnie. The song is so good.
A: Me? It's thanks to the car owner~

Message: I'm leaving this to you so you can share your person's MBTI

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1. [+19, 0]
Seems like they are still dating?! Otherwise, is there a reason for her to be that obvious??

2. [+18, -1]
Ha... but ever since Chae Hyungwon was young, he has always been in longterm-relationships and I'm freaking pissed off

3. [+17, 0]
Seriously why is she like that... I feel like she's still living alone in the past...

4. [+14, 0]
This girl is seriouslyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She never changes... she knows that whether she's dating him right now or not, she's gonna attract the trolls so she's purposely posting about him to get the fans' attention. I freaking hate her

5. [+12, 0]
Huh? F*ck, they are still dating??

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