Ah f*ck, my heart is racing so much
I watched the video and they are all tall and good at dancing
They are apparently a 7-members group

1. Sungchan

2. Shotaro

3. Lee Chanyoung (Yoon Sang's son)

4. Seungchan

5. Eunseok

There are 2 members who have not been disclosed yet. They will have 7 members in total, per-fect

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1. [+99, -5]
Yoon Sang's son is freaking handsome. Seriously, it would be perfect if they don't have a Chinese memberㅜ

2. [+83, -5]
It's seriously a shame how Sungchan wasted 3 years of his career.. I hope that he hits bigger in the new group

3. [+71, -4]
Wow Yoon Sang's son is finally debuting. I used to think that it was a bit of a shame for him to live as a commoner after seeing his picture on a TV program back then

4. [+70, -4]
Yoon Sang's son is honestly freaking handsome

5. [+52, -9]
Shotaro's Make A Wish fancam is the most viewed fancam after those with 10 M views right now. The male idol with the most fancam views after Bangtan and the ones with 10 M views is Shotaro's fancam. I think that I watched his at least 100 times. He's seriously talented

6. [+29, -6]
If they have a main vocal, it's game over. With Sungchan - Eunseok - Yoon Sang's son's visuals, it's all they need

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