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1. The dance itself sucks and I don't understand the part where they raise their leg.. There's no memorable point and it just looks silly

2. I didn't see how Zerobaseone danced to this but just looking at this, it looks ridiculous... seeing the comments here, a lot of people are calling the dance bad and ridiculous too. I bet that the choreographer got a lot of mixed opinions too. I just think that they chose a dance that's way too difficult

3. This dance is so unsuitable for an idol group

4. They danced well but the dance sucks

5. Seeing the choreographer's video, it looks pretty cool

6. The dance is freaking cool???

7. It looks fine because they are in sync and are clean but the last part at 2:42 still looks weird

8. The dance is cool. I was so focused

9. You guys are fine with this?

10. The crab legs seriously sucks...

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