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1. [+274, -15]
What "what's up?" You can see that Jang Wonyoung was shocked because the kid showed up suddenly

2. [+193, -12]
She just seemed shocked because he touched her arm randomly? We live in a world where people would carry knives while walking int he streets so she has all the rights to be shocked

3. [+167, -13]
(Commentor is a man) I would've been shocked too if someone walked up to me and touched me without knowing

4. [+151, -11]
(Commentor is a man) The kid appeared suddenly so who wouldn't be startled?ㅋ That's why the security guard blocked him

5. [+136, -6]
She just looked shocked. To be honest, people need to live their lives with some level of vigilance. I get that the kid intruded in but nowadays, there are so many freaks around... you never know what's coming ahead so it's way better to always be on your guards and always be vigilant. Even the body guard had a sensitive reaction no?... but why is Starship's security guards so sloppy? She just restrained the kid after he touched her. If it was another company's guard, they would've yelled at the kid. I wish they'd protect her better so that nothing bad happens

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