The post in question was based on Jungkook's activities, so of course there are promotions that other members don't have.
If A did 1,2,3,4 in his promotion
And B did 4,5,6,7
How can you use 1,2,3,4 to compare their promotions?
They are just using those standards purposely to hate on them

Jungkook released a song in English and had a few overseas activities (2 US radio spots, 1 UK radio spot, 1 UK TV spot, and that was it).

On the other hand, the other members have a variety of activities, including Korean music videos, video calls with fans, overseas performances, domestic shows, brand ambassadorship, magazine photoshoot, mini concerts, mini fan meetings, and YouTube content. 

Of course, if you make a table with those activities, it will all be X's for Jungkook, right?

Each member's activities were different, but if you make a table based on Jungkook, it was bound to look like that.

For example
(Comparing Rilu Rilu Fairilu melody phone specs with iPhone X's specs such as home button, keyboard, birthday song, price, etc.)

People are falsely claiming that Jungkook got YouTube promotion. 
But just look at the weekly chart (weekly chart does not count promotion)
(1st week - 83.3M views)

Just look at the number of likes under that video too

In conclusion, people were claiming that he got promoted on YT, Tiktok, Insta and Facebook but there was no proof at all

iTunes pre-order lies 
Jungkook was the only one who opened the iTunes pre-order because Billboard changed the rule that download purchases on the artist's official website would not be reflected on the chart at all. Jungkook released the song on July 14, but Billboard changed the rule at the end of June. 

So, since Jungkook was releasing a song in a very narrow timeframe unlike before, he did it as an iTunes pre-order, but people lied about it by labeling it as "promotion".

iTunes doesn't even allow you to buy multiple songs with one account. iTunes has a limit on the number of versions you can buy with one ID, but purchases made with one ID can only be reflected on the chart once forever. 

People also kept on insisting about Spotify aggregating the count and I'm gonna explain why.
The first thing you need to know is that Spotify has an ISRC code for aggregation.
"For an alternate track to be considered, the following criteria must be the same
- ISRC code
- Artist name and track title
- Version title
- Track length"

Jungkook released 3 songs on the first day of release: Clean version + Explicit version (19+) + INST version. 
So does Spotify add up all 3 songs together?

Nop, only Clean+Explicit versions are combined, INSTs are counted separately

Why?? Because the ISRC codes are different

But what about the remixes? Aren't they all counted together?

No, why?? Because the ISRC codes are all different

Then why are you releasing remixes?? = For Billboard and long-term charting.
Jungkook set a new record from the  song's performance in its first day of release so it's hard to claim that the remixes helped. (3rd highest streams on Spotify)

So Jungkook was the only one to release a remix? = No. There are other members who did the same (I'm not going to post them here), as well as groups and other singers.

Was Jungkook the only one who combined the two versions of one song to chart on Spotify? = No. For example, Jungkook was ranked 5th on Spotify in the US today, but all singers ranked 1-4 also combined two versions.

Then why do they add the two versions together? = It's called Spotify convention. Recently, all American singers are releasing clean versions separately.

So what's the conclusion? = akgaes & trolls

original post: here

1. The explanation is simple but they just don't want to admit it

2. The akgae trolls didn't start acting up just now. They were already making a fuss 1 month before anything was released. They are f*cking exhausting

3. Every time someone aside from their bias does well, they would act like thatㅋㅋ when Jimin ranked on Billboard, the trolls were all blaming it on his promotions and saying how he stole an empty house. 

4. They won't read this post anyways and will just shut their ears and eyesㅋㅋㅋ I hope they can just live in their own world and isolate themselves

5. Look at the commentsㅋㅋㅋ the akgaes don't want to acknowledge that his song was a muggle's pick so that's why they are trolling. If the akgaes continue to make up rumors, it will just increase the solo-fan culture and diminish the group's power as well as the members' power

6. Wow the akgaes are too disgusting. Just acknowledge Jungkook's success already

7. But it's a fact that his radio air time was the highest compared to other members no? The other members weren't even close to 1 but closer to 0. His score was over 60x those of other members so you can't ignore the fact that radio air time will affect his performance on Billboard

8. This isn't forced hate. Let's just be honest here. I was shocked seeing his radio air time

9. I've seen the whole thread, but it seems like there's an agenda to bash each BTS solo member. It's not about targeting one specific member, it's to the point where I start wondering if it wasn't started by antis

10. I don't think you can accuse others of "lying" when you were the ones who manipulated the data and the official Guinness Records refuted it

11. Ha... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ... the thing that stresses me out the most as a Bangtan fan are the akgae fights... ^^

12. I support Jungkook's fans

13. You explained it well

14. What do you want us to do if he released a good song and got good reactions?

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