Jennie of BLACKPINK, revealed that she repeatedly got injured during performances, which caused her a lot of stress. 

On July 14th (local time), Jennie appeared on the podcast “Dua Lipa: At Your Service” with British pop star Dua Lipa and shared a lot about her experience as an idol and perspective. 

During the podcast, Jennie mentioned the fact that she often gets injured, stating, “I would constantly hurt myself during performances and live (shows) compared to the other girls. It was a stressful thing in my life. I’m like, ‘There we go, I fell again, I tripped over again.”

According to Jennie, it seemed like she wasn’t giving her best, causing fans to be disappointed at some points. However, the truth was that she didn’t know how to control her body correctly, Jennie explained. 

Jennie also mentioned that she had learned to take care of her body since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’ve learned to take care of my body. And I’ve learned a lot about myself, with my health and how my muscles work, even how bendy I am with my arms. In every detail, I’ve spent time”, the BLACKPINK member confessed, though not specifying about her health condition. 

Finally, the female idol mentioned the difficulty of wearing high heels while dancing.

“Some people are amazing in heels,” Jennie noted, adding, “My feet aren’t built for it.”

When her body is ok, heels are okay, but when her feet get bloated from traveling, her stamina decreases whenever she tries to dance in heels, Jennie said. 

As a result, the female idol has recently been opting for more comfortable shoes, such as boots with ankle support or low-heeled shoes.

When asked about Korean culture and what she would like to promote, Jennie replied, “One thing that I’d tell people about the work that I do, especially the music industry, is definitely the work ethic that we have”. 

At the same time, Jennie also hinted at the difficulties she faced in maintaining her identity during her 6 years as a trainee.

Regarding this, Dua Lipa commented that being a trainee seemed similar to “survival of the fittest” and compared it to what other actors and musicians go through during auditions.

According to Jennie, she never had the chance to explore singing, and was asked to rap during her trainee days because of her English skills. As a result, she also experienced burnout after debuting.

She revealed that she went to New Zealand at the age of 10 without knowing any greetings in Korean and enjoyed a different school life there. She grew up learning the good aspects of both Korean and New Zealand cultures while staying with a Korean homestay family.

Jennie also shared her emotional experience of shedding tears after headlining at the Coachella Music Festival in the United States.

Describing herself as a “nerd” who enjoys learning new things, the female idol said that whenever she has free time, she would randomly attend pottery classes or learn French.
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1. She's cool

2. Don't get hurt Jennie..

3. Aigooㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ don't get hurt

4. I wish they'd give her more comfortable shoes in the futureㅠㅠ

5. Health is the most important. Find strength Jennie. I'm always supporting you!!!

6. Her body must be very weak... I hope she develops her stamina

7. She got so much hate because of this... I bet that haters won't even read this anyways

8. Celebrities are humans too so it's possibleㅠㅠ

9. ? I went to their concert and she was full of energy and did so well though

10. Jennie hurt her ankle badly in her debut show and ever since, she kept on injuring it and had to wear high heels to match the other members' height... so that's why. Her body is also on the weaker side so I wish that people realize that she's doing her best in working out and becoming better. Seriously, she's a hard working kid so please view our Jennie prettily 

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