Left to right: 
- They've debuted 10 years ago and they only have 2 full albums? Implement your plan for the 3rd full album 

- STOP selling out pre-orders
STOP shipping albums after 1st week sales
Supply the right amount of albums 

- What are you doing only releasing songs? SM is slowing down their promotions, give us a variety of promotions

- Leaving out the members' official SNS
Omitting schedules alarms
Omitting voting information notice
Stop accumulating these omissions on the official accounts 

- Wishy washy wishy washy, why would you stop when you said you'd do it? Is it the first time you're shooting a self-content?

Conservative tour size, and concert halls with messy promotions, and last minute ticketing schedule
International fans who have been waiting have had enough 

- Is this a fireflies concept?
Lighting down, durability down
Kim Manbong(?)'s renewal is urgent

- Only the fanclub can pre-order but not normal fans? 
Pinkblood is getting a better treatment than RV fans
Recruit for Reveluv's Japanese official fandom

- The artists are getting hate
the fans' hearts are crumbling
Protect the company's artists

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1. I rather have 1 full album than 2 mini albums personally... 

2. They only have 2 full albums??????

3. It's indeed bad for RV to have debuted 10 years ago with not even 3 full albums

4. A 10 years group with 2 full albums is freaking oba 

5. Taeyeon is like that too, they're so problematic...

6. A 10 years group with 2 full albums...? Crazy 

7. I feel like it's a chronic issue for SM to not give their groups full albums... SM, do your work properly 

8. They may have only 2 full albums but they have a bunch of mini albums with Summer Special, Reve Festiva series, and they've released a number of other mini albums totally 12 

9. SM are always treating their girl groups one team at a time, it's so severe

10. Before people say it's because of the Irene's controversy, their last full album was Peek-A-Boo... This just shows how incompetent SM is.. 

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