"[Exclusive] Extreme choice of first-year teachers at elementary school in Seocho-gu, Seoul"

"Please help me... 
... Yesterday, a new teacher who was appointed four months ago passed away."

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to prove this 
Yesterday at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul
The new teacher came to work
And she ended her life...
The reason is that the new teacher who had just been appointed was in charge of duties related to school violence, but the parents of the student bullied her with malicious complaint and put pressure on her using their household backgrounds.
The student's parent's family is so important so there are no news or article.."


In Seoi elementary school, located in Seocho-gu, Seoul
A new teacher born in 2000 made an extreme choice

It happened yesterday, but there are only few articles about it.
Everyone please pay attention

May she rest in peace

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The word is circulating in Blind (t/n: Korean anonymous forum) and various communities that the perpetrator's grandfather is a third-generation member of the National Assembly, and that the Office of Education has put an 'embargo' on him so that he cannot go out and walk. We'll have to dig through to find out the truth. The parents of the perpetrator treated the homeroom teacher as a maid to the extent that they requested the teacher show everything down to what happened when the kid went to the washrooms, and in the Seocho Mom cafe, they're also talks about how they changed homeroom teachers twice per year

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The homeroom teacher didn't commit suicide, the parents are the ones who committed violence against them 

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We live in an era when the president can be brought down if he made a mistake, we can't let such an evil person live as if nothing happened just because they have a good family background. Please make it a very big issue so that it can be judged in front of the people. I'll go ahead and upvote the post

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Seoi Elementary 1st grade class 6 teacher. She was summoned to the Office of Education the morning before and hanged herself in the furnishings room in the evening in the classroom. She was found by faculty the next day. Fortunately, the students did not see it. Born in 2000, she is a female teacher of a flowery age, and the class teacher has already changed for the third time at this point. The parent's abuse of power and abusive language were terrifying, and the homeroom teacher was called to the Office of Education because of the child's school violence. There are rumors that grandparents are members of the National Assembly (Democratic Party) and the parents are lawyers.

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Parents of school violence kids are no different from murderers. The school tried to cover up this incident, and the parents contacted the media to block the article. Everyone please pay attention to this


In a classroom at an elementary school in Seoul, a first grade teacher made an extreme choice.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education on the 19th, a homeroom teacher in the first grade of an elementary school in Seocho-gu made an extreme choice in the classroom. It is known that the teacher belongs to the lower age group.

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"They grabbed them so hard it was like military-force level"
"Who did this? The new teacher? Or the school violence parents?"
"The school violence parents to my daughter (t/n: I believe they refer to daughter = teacher) ㅇㅇㅇ They also made her reenact how the students go to the washroom, where they'd sit in the classroom, etc."
"The school violence parents were bullying her in the end..."
"The school violence parents were power tripping"

2. That kid f*cker and school violence parents are all murderers

3. Democratic Party's 3rd lineage living in Seocho??

4. I wonder how hard of a life she had.. 

5. The grandfather is a member of the parliament and the parents are lawyers

6. Committing school violence in elementary 1st year....? Wow...

7. Don't baby that kid and send him back to school, go raise him yourselves... 

8. I pity her ㅠㅠ

9. Ha... Seriously they need to cut this down. How many teachers will die and how much does the education system needs to collapse for them to finally wake up?

10. She's a 00'erㅜㅜㅜ I feel so sorry 

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