I thought that she was a natural beauty but I saw somewhere that said that she did everything from nose, eyes to facial contouring... she did surgery...???

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1. [+90, -10]
But to be honest, isn't it a true that Giselle's eyes, nose and lips haven't changed? It's obvious that people will bring up her graduation picture again but to be honest, I think that aside from her facial contouring, nothing really has changed. Nothing changed about her eyes, nose and lipsㅋㅋㅋ Also, the reason why I find it iffy when people say it's obvious that she did facial contouring is that even now, there are still a lot of empty spots on Giselle's face (T/N: facial contouring is made to reduce the empty areas on someone's face to make features bigger and face smaller). Considering how she lost a lot of weight and managed herself a lot, I honestly think that it could be possible that she never did it in the first place. Anyways, her eyes, nose and lips are all still the same

2. [+65, -9]
There's nothing that strikes me as unnatural about Giselle's face and in her past pictures, her eyes, nose and lips haven't really changed 

3. [+58, -6]
Giselle is managing herself well and styled in the direction that suits her, so she has changed stylishly, but honestly, it's not like she has plastic surgery on her faceㅋㅋ just looking back at her Black Mamba and debut days right now, you can see how she was attacked by all kinds of personal attacks. Butt some point... was it during Next Level? She dyed her hair black, lowered her bangs, changed her makeup, and the coordi gave a style that looks good on Giselle, and from then on, people started saying "oh? She got pretty?" Anyways, I don't think that Giselle's a case of plastic surgery that completely changed her face considering her debut days

4. [+58, -41]
Just look at her past pictures. I couldn't recognize her

5. [+54, -6]
She's someone who changes a lot based on self-management and styling. You can tell just by looking at her changes from Black Mamba until nowㅋㅋ Giselle never got any work done during promotions and if you look at her pre-debut pictures, her eyes, nose and lips are the same as now

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