Lee Hyori: fold your finger if you're smaller than a B cupㅋㅋ
(BoA passively getting angryㅋㅋ)

Even broadcast, it's embarrassing to keep talking about topics related to breasts even as a woman... In this video, BoA asked again if it's B or D, so Lee Hyori said it's B cup or less.  BoA answered saying she's not that big but Lee Hyori kept trying to anger her and inducing this kind of reaction... If she keeps bringing up that kind of topic, naturally, it will lead to more people judging others' bodies. Can't she think more before talking? At least Hwasa from the side cut the topic by just being like ~(please move on) which was a relief... This just makes viewers uncomfortable...

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1. [+253, -23]
Agree. It's just rude and not funny

2. [+247, -15]
Lee Hyori embarrassing her hoobaes saying that they don't have a chest

"...Anyways, you do really have no chest"

3. [+231, -35]
It feels like she has nothing else to show off than her chest

4. [+225, -30]
There's a reason why everyone around her left herㅇㅇ

5. [+169, -10]
For real, I hope she stops. It's just not funny

6. [+121, -18]
I've always disliked Lee Hyori. I was hoping that one day more people would realize who Lee Hyori really is. I'm surprised at people's reactions to her nowadays. Lee Hyori isn't just rude, she's spoiled and has a strange personality but people rather call it being "easy-going". I was wondering why people didn't realize before, but I'm glad that more people are starting to feel the same way as me

7. [+98, -1]
A woman looking down on another woman's chest is just disgusting

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