* 7 days count = Friday release
4 days count = Monday release (they get penalized for 3 days)
(T/N: in order to see the "real views", the video needs to make it to YouTube's weekly chart hence why a Monday release would mean a 4 days count)

TXT - Sugar Rush Ride (7 days)
- MV views: 53.65M
- Actual views: 19.30M

NCT 127 - Ay-yo (4 days)
- MV views: 13.64M
- Actual views: 5.35M

BSS - Fighting (4 days)
- MV views: 9.85M
- Actual views: 5.76M

DoJaeJung - Perfume (4 days)
- MV views: 10.34M
- Actual views: They didn't enter YT's weekly chart (the top 100 of YT's weekly chart had 4.54M views (T/N: they had lower than 4.54M views))

Seventeen - Super (4 days)
- MV views: 28M
- Actual views: 16.3M

ENHYPEN - Bite Me (4 days)
- MV views: 18.34M
- Actual views: 12.5M

Stray Kids - S-CLASS (7 days)
- MV views: 43.53M
- Actual views: 22.3M

ATEEZ - Bouncy (7 days)
- MV views: 26.87M
- Actual views: 5.18M

EXO - Cream Soda (4 days)
- MV views: 8.96M
- Actual views: 8.62M

Zerobaseone - In Bloom (4 days)
- MV views: 14.06M
- Actual views: They didn't enter YT's weekly chart (the top 100 of YT's weekly chart had 4.65M views)

NCT DREAM - ISTJ (4 days)
- MV views: 37.42M
- Actual views: They didn't enter YT's weekly chart (the top 100 of YT's weekly chart had 5.38M views)

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1. How do people know the actual views? Interesting

2. All of Seventeen's releases were 4 days count... They would've had way better results if they had a 7 days count...

3. Still, isn't TXT's real views pretty ok? Sugar Rush Ride was good

4. Stray Kids' S-CLASS was so enjoyable to watch. They deserve those views

5. Even when your promotion accounts for 50% of the MV views, I already find it severe but over 80% is just....

8. So EXO is still more successful than 127 and DREAM...

9. What is DoJaeJung? Are they a group like BSS?? What is that group?

10. Since a lot of people are talking about Jungkook in the comments, I'm leaving this comment. You don't need to be curious anymore after seeing this comment. He had 0 promotion. His MV views and actual views for a week were both 83.3M views

11. S-CLASS' MV was honestly well-made

12. EXO would've had more views if they had more promotions too... let's promote it a bit more

13. NCT DREAM is kinda severe

14. When 80% of your views are from promo, it's a bit severe

15. King Seventeen

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