"The first time Lee Hyori grabbed BoA by the hair.
BoA: It's the same thing that the sunbaes I hated in school did."

"As soon as BoA stopped talking, she grabbed her hair for the second time"

"And at the end, she grabbed BoA's hair and pushed her face closer to the camera
BoA: Unnie, you know that this is violence right? Unnie, you're kinda pissing me off today, grabbing my hair and such. Why are you doing this to me?"

Why is she acting so rude?..
BoA looks pitiful

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1. [+69, 0]
That's why I don't like celebrities.... There's a big gap between how they really are and the image that people praise them for

2. [+52, 0]
Why is she grabbing her hair..? No matter how close you are to someone, I just get turned off immediately when someone grab someone else's hair or head...

3. [+51, 0]
I seriously viewed Lee Hyori positively but this is not it. She should be thankful that BoA is so nice

4. [+30, 0]
Lee Hyori is nothing more than an outdated idol whose lifespan was extended for 20 years thanks to Yoo Jaesuk. She can't dance nor sing so I wonder why everyone is under her hypnosis and praising her so much.. 70% of what makes up a celebrity is their image

5. [+24, 0]
If you hear about Lee Hyori's stories within Fin.K.L, she definitely wasn't someone who was considerate, nice and who did her best not to hurt others

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Does she find that funny? Lee Hyori is... she should try that on herself

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