She had a double affair with a French restaurant chef (who also had an affair).

Hirosue Ryoko, who made headlines officially announces that she is divorcing her husband.

But she gets custody of the child.

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1. Aigoo...

2. An affair...

3. What is her husband gonna do?..

4. And she gets the custody?..

5. If you search up her husband, you'll see how dirty he is too

6. I thought that her husband was tolerating of everything but seems like Hirosue just wanted a divorce in the end

7. I'm not sure about Japan but usually, custody goes to the person who's more deserving of it

8. She wanted a divorce so much and she even got the custody. She really got everything she wanted... whew..

9. Crazy b*tch... not even once but twice... 

10. But I saw back then that even her husband had an affair. It's probably the best for them to break up

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