"With no dance breaks 4 years after debut, is Chaeryeong's main dancer position only a decoration????"

"The company can't even review promotional material and business collaborations! A company that misspells Chaeryeong's name OUT!
A company that leaves Chaeryeong's name out of business collaborations OUT!"

"8 months waiting for a comeback teaser video - Chaeryeong's cut missing!
Limited edition album jacket photo - Chaeryeong's missing
Dance version album preview video - Chaeryeong's missing!
Asking fans to buy the album? Don't even dream about it!"

"She's been enduring her pain while performing in year-end stages and in the world tour. Please take care of Chaeryeong's health!!!!"

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1. No but the fans have all the rights to be mad at this. How can they leave her out like thatㅡㅡ

2. I can understand if the Yuna fans were the ones protesting but Chaeryeong had at least some solo projects here and there...

3. Yuna's case is even more severe though

4. Her photo wasn't in the jacket album??? This isn't even evil anymore, it's just hurtful

5. But if we're gonna compare, Yuna's case is the saddest. Even back then, didn't Chaeryeong make it to the HOT Category because people said that she got the best styling?ㅋㅋㅋ I guess that all fans think that their bias is being mistreatedㅋㅋ I just think that this is a fight among solo fans. I heard that ITZY has a lot of all-fans so this must just be a fight among solo stans

6. Chaeryeong was the main dancer?? Hul I just learned about it now

7. Huh? They have all the rights to be mad

8. Since when did she not have a dance break?...

9. ITZY just looks so inactive that all members seem to be neglected... At least for Chaeryeong, it seems like she blew up on YT so they are pushing her there, and rather than discrimination, it's just that JYP is really bad at doing their job. I thought that when it comes to styling, she's rather a member who got a pretty styling

10. Ugh just who started this protest truck trend?

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