IVE's Jang Won Young has received backlash for using an iPhone after attending a Samsung event.

On July 26, Samsung held their 'Unpacked' event in South Korea, and Jang Won Young was a celebrity in attendance in the front row. She was also featured in American actress Sydney Sweeney's show-and-tell about Samsung's new ZFlip5 phone, which she used to take a selfie of the two together.

Jang Won Young reposted the photo on her own Instagram account, but netizens and media outlets noticed she used a black heart emoji, which is exclusive to the iPhone. Some media outlets and netizens have criticized the star, while others defended her, saying she was not an official model for Samsung. However, she has been featured in campaigns for Samsung due to her promotions as an endorsement model for SK Telecom.

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1. Stop tormenting Wonyoungie already

2. This is such a non-issue. They are grasping thin air. Don't torment Wonyuongie

3. Seriously I'm not even a fan but I came back to this post because this is so ridiculous...
1. She's not a Galaxy model but a SKT Telecom model
2. She didn't use her iPhone at the Unpacked event (she even showcased her Galaxy phone at the event and did her best promoting the brand)
3. She just regrammed a post that someone else posted

(Jang Wonyoung praising the Flip 5 phone)

4. You guys are making a fuss over a child. Stop dragging young girls

5. Ha Wonyoung-ahㅜㅜ Seriously, people are so disillusioned... are you guys obsessed with tormenting young kids??

6. What is there to make a fuss about? Can we sue people here? The force hate is way too much

7. Wonyoung is guilty for being so popular

8. Let's sue all the commentors under that article. So many f*ckers out there...

9. Is the journalist trying to attract trolls?? Why are they doing that?

10. The made-up controversy is severe. Stop tormenting her

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