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1. Huh? I found it okay?

2. It was fine? Danielle was good

3. I've seen so many worse than that that this is okay. But aespa was indeed better

4. Oh... This was better than I thought? They were singing and dancing and they did better than last time 

5. Hyein is a god baby 

6. Honestly, they were doing this while dancing and they weren't shaky. Also they were dancing and they weren't out of breath either. Actually it's better that they sing like that, it felt more like a real live

7. Honestly they can't sing... 

8. The fact that they were dancing and they weren't shaky shows taht they were good

9. Aside from Hanni.. 

10. Hyein is honestly an all rounder

11. Honestly I don't think they did well, but I also don't think they sucked. I don't understand the comments saying they suck at live

12. Hyein is even good at rapping

13. So they were more about voice color than singing ability γ…‹γ…‹

14. Hyein sounds the same on the album γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

15. Hanni was known to be the best singer, but it seems like I misunderstood, she's the one who did the worst here; Hyein is good and and the other members did fine too 

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