T/N: 레카/wreckers = hate accounts online that are notorious to spread rumors usually in the form of videos/IG posts/etc. = cyberbullies but more intense

"Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We notify you regarding updates on the agency's legal action against the infringement of our artists' rights. Starship is continuously responding with strict legal action against all accounts of malicious slander, the spread of false rumors, content containing personal attacks, defamation of character, and malicious comments found online and on SNS.

In October of 2022, the agency carried out civil complaints against chronic malicious commenters, resulting in sentences such as 6 months in prison, restriction on employment, and registration as sexual offenders. Since November of 2022, the agency has pursued civil and criminal lawsuits both in Korea and overseas against the YouTube channel Sojang (Tal-deok Camp) in consultation with LIWU Law Group (Lawyer Jung Kyung Seok). In May of 2023, the U.S. District Court for The Northern District of California issued a provision of information, which called on Google Headquarters located in the U.S. to seek and obtain relevant information regarding the owner of Sojang by July of 2023. However, coincidentally right around this time period, when Google issued a notice regarding the provision of information, Sojang was suddenly 'hacked' and all videos on the channel were deleted. The account itself was deleted subsequently, followed by the posting of an apology.

It is a well-known fact that Sojang severely defamed the members of IVE through the persistent spread of false rumors, thereby interfering in the business of our agency; the anonymous individual who claimed that they were the owner of Sojang on the online community Nate Pann also admitted to committing such acts. Notwithstanding the recent posting of a statement of apology or its authenticity and/or intent, Starship Entertainment intends on ensuring that this individual faces all civil and criminal consequences for the illegal activities of the past.

The agency is currently working to obtain the personal information of not only Sojang, but numerous other 'cyber wreckers' rampaging online. While the agency has consistently pursued legal action against these 'cyber wreckers' in the past, such legal cases concluded without resolution due to an inability to obtain personal information about the criminals. Starship Entertainment has now taken action in consultation with LIWU Law Group to make the obtaining of such personal information possible, and thus, it is in the agency's interest to press forward and seek legal responsibility from these 'cyber wreckers'.

Finally, Starship Entertainment is operating a regular monitoring system in order to protect our agency's artists, their private lives, their character, and their rights. We intend on seeking all possible methods of legal action against any and all accounts of defamation and damages against our artists now and in the future. As information sent by the fans has been of significant help in preparing for legal complaints, we ask that you continue to report suspicious activity.

Thank you."
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1. I support this. I hope that my bias' company takes it to the end like they did too 

2. This is good this is good

3. F*ck I'm so freaking envious. I hope that not only Starship but other companies follow suit too 

4. Let's go until the end, fighting Starship 

5. I support this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm fond of girl groups but whenever I look them up, I always get those wreckers videos recommended, but I never watch them because I'm not interested in those. This is such a relief ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. Sojang, Drama Gallery, Luminark, they dneed to all go down 

7. I hope they catch all those wreckers

8. Fighting fighting, I support this lawsuit. Seriously the wreckers lately are too much 

9. Wow.. Starship really did something good this time, I'm another company's group's fan but I'm so thankful for their contribution to close down Sojang 

10. I'm freaking supporting this 


Hello, I am Park Joo-ah, who ran the Sojang (YouTube Channel). From the time I uploaded the first video until my channel was hacked, I know very well how malicious the videos I've uploaded were. As expected, the number of views started to rise as time went by, and I got a taste of the good income. 
I am so so sorry to the idols and actors who got featured in my video. Whether I'm crazy about the number of views or crazy about money, I'm simply crazy. 
I'm very sorry to V of BTS for attacking him even more after coming to know that he learned about my channel because I was an attention seeker. I also apologize to Jang Wonyoung, I cut and edited videos and photos circulating on the Internet to create exaggerated false facts and inflicted mental pain to her. Aside from these two people, I am very sorry to those who suffered mental pain due to the unjust false facts and malicious rumors in my video. I'm also sorry to the fans. I won't do it again. My channel was hacked this time. To be precise, my email was hacked. This incident removed the channel and allowed me to reconsider my crimes so far. The reason I am posting this is not to avoid complaints and damage compensation from the agency and celebrities. I am confident that I will be sued. 

I am so sorry to all the celebrities. Now I have created a side channel. The channel name is the same as before. I can't give up my side job as a YouTuber, so I'm going to continue my YouTube activities. However, the channel's goals and direction have changed dramatically. First of all, I won't be making videos like I used to. I will produce a video that can have a good influence on celebrities. Also, I will not be making any money with my side channel. There will be no income (advertising, etc.). Lastly, I will donate all the profits I have earned from these malicious videos so far.

I know very well that a crime of about 2 years cannot be forgiven with a few letters of 'I'm sorry'. I'm so sorry. 
I'm sorry to those who may have been hurt by watching my video, and I'm so sorry to those involved.

I'm sorry.


There were lots of talks about this being fake, but this could also be true...

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1. Let's really ruin her this time 

2. She only pretended to be hacked

3. Look at the show she's pulling, we can't fall into this 

4. The fact that she spurted all those disgusting things about my bias with that mouth of hers and is spurting an apology from the same mouth is disgusting 

5. She's going to keep doing Youtube ??????

6. I hope she gets the death penalty

7. Let's head to the jail 

8. Look at the way she's promoting her new channel f*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Is that post just a huge promo for her new channel? ㅋㅋㅋ

10. You can't fix someone that easily. It's been years that she's like that

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