Left to right: 
- JYPE is killing Lee Know's idol professional life omnidirectionally!!! 
Leader Dancer - LeeKnow, don't be left out!!!

- There are barely any plans to improve his dancing skills. 
I can't see Lee Know from the materials. 
What about the resources suitable for his popularity?

- As the great singer he is, don't only make him only do knights(?)
Is JYPE, who only gives him broken parts, trying to show how outdated they are?

- If he has a position in the dance position, don't hide him, 
He has no individual shots in the MV! He has no individual shot in the year-end!! 
He doesn't have any screen individual shot at concerts!!
He debuted 5 years ago but he has no dance breaks
Shouldn't the main dancer shine on stage?

- Since debut, he didn't divulge any of the several sickness he had.
Is JYPE's alleged humanity about ignoring a member's health over a long period of time?

- Disrespecting the member's skills!!
The member is a main dancer but his positioning is unclear!!
Please get companies like that OUT!!

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1. Can someone teach them Korean?

2. What kind of translation machine did they use to do this?

3. They wrote "There are barely any plans to improve his dancing skills".... Is that translated wrong....? Why does it sound like they're bashing the member's skill?

4. "There are barely any plans to improve his dancing skills"
Are they swearing at the member..

5. I also wish the Chinese fans can start using better translations for their Birthday ad messages ㅋㅋ

6. Oh... I can't understand a single thing they're trying to say 

7. No matter how you see it, the truck ajussi is basking in honey 

8. ...What are they trying to say..?

9. What?

10. What materials are they talking about???

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