She was excited to see my friend in the crowd and gave him the middle finger ㅋㅋ

She suddenly realized that she was in the middle of a concert and got startled

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1. [+80, -8]
You said she raised her middle finger because she was too excited? Seems like it's a habit for her

2. [+73-5]
Wow look at how nobody cares because she's so unpopular...

3. [+60, -5]
If it was from Kar-Win, people would be making a fuss about it for a week

4. [+39, -1]
It's amazing how she's so unpopular that anything she does just gets buried

5. [+33, -1]
Seems like she's pretty lax about it, just like her dancing

6. [+23, 0]
No but it looks even funnier because I know her personality and I know she's trying to stop herselfㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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