Park Seo Joon openly addressed the recent controversy, sharing his candid thoughts with fans.

On August 7, Park Seo Joon took to his official fan cafe to express his feelings, stating, "I'm reaching out with this message, mindful of anyone who might have been affected and hurt." This message was exclusively visible to regular members of Park Seo Joon's fan cafe.

He continued, "Initially, I was flustered when I learned about this fact (about the controversy). I believed that my fans might be even more distressed than I am. Yesterday, I read through each fan letter I received and went to bed contently thinking it was a good day, only to wake up to chaos." He continued, "If I discuss my sentiments elsewhere, they might be taken as excuses. So, I believe this might be a fitting place (for me to speak) since it is our exclusive space. "

Detailing the incident, he recalled, "During the stage greeting last Saturday, I was unaware of the intrusion. Suddenly, I found myself embraced by someone." He added, "She smelled a lot of alcohol so I thought that person made a mistake. I was taken aback but I put in the effort to wrap up the situation on a good note since she wasn't the only one at the theater."

Addressing the situation, he added, "Even my security team expressed their apologies for not intervening due to the ongoing event, but I reassured them it was alright. There's no need for concern."

Park Seo Joon explained further, "The following day, headlines surfaced about headbands. Yet, truthfully, I sweat profusely when I go to the stage greeting events. Given fans prefer my hair styled in various ways, I decided to have it up that day for ease of managing sweat. My hair had an immense amount of hair spray applied in the morning to hold it in place - to an extent my hair became hard like a helmet. But in this condition, placing anything on my hair causes me significant scalp discomfort."

Furthermore, he addressed misunderstandings, stating, "It might sound like an excuse, but you're aware that I would put on those hairbands without hesitation. People say I put Park Bo Young in an awkward situation by making her hold the headband, but I didn't think it was mine. I thought her fan gave the headband to her so I thought the fan would be mad if I take what was Park Bo Young's. But I think there was a misunderstanding."

Park Seo Joon dispelled the rumors of discord with Park Bo Young, clarifying they shared no discomfort. He also shared insights about work from the previous day and emphasized their commitment to fulfilling future schedules.

Lastly, he reassured fans, "Your presence keeps me strong. There's no fear when we're together. Please don't let the commotion disturb you. Sharing these sentiments should help ease my discomfort."

Earlier, on August 5, Park Seo Joon joined a stage greeting for 'Concrete Utopia' at Busan CGV Seomyeon alongside Lee Byung Hun, Park Bo Young, Kim Do Yoon, and director Uhm Tae Hwa.

During the event, an intoxicated female audience member rushed onto the stage and embraced Park Seo Joon despite her seat not being called. Security personnel quickly intervened to remove her.

In a subsequent appearance at CGV Daegu Academy on August 6, another incident sparked controversy when Park Seo Joon rejected Park Bo Young's headband offer.

However, a fan who gave the headband clarified the situation online. The fan shared, "Due to the inability to approach Park Seo Joon directly, I gave the headband to Park Bo Young. I didn't ask them to wear it either. After the stage greeting event, he (Park Seo Joon) even accepted my fan letter." 
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1. Park Seojoon, fighting

2. Until when are you guys gonna drag celebrities for the smallest things just to hate on them? Tsk tsk

3. People are really hating others with the smallest thing, seriously... you guys are disgusting

4. Is this really something he had to clarigy?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ sigh...

5. TheQoo pulling a TheQoo againㅋㅋㅋ

6. Seriously, why were people hating on him for this... I thought that TheQoo had gone crazy;;

7. I also misunderstood when I saw the gifㅠㅠ

8. Park Seojoon got so much hate that I felt sorry for him. It wasn't even a big deal

9. To be honest, I didn't understand why he was getting hate. So what if he didn't wear that headband? That fan would've had a harder time if Park Seojoon was getting hate for it so why are you guys inserting yourself in that fan's shoe to hate on Park Seojoon?

10. Freaking pitiful;  why is he clarifying a forced hate...


Park Seojoon and Park Hyungsik rejected the heart
Top actors like Jun Jihyun, Song Hyekyo and Lee Jehoon who were in the industry for over 20 years all did it

"Park Hyungsik 'how does that give you an advance notice... Jun Jihyun and Song Hyekyo did it too'"

"Lacking fan service VS personal right... Park Hyungsik -> Park Seojoon, 'refuses heart pose'

"Lee Jehoon, 'full of cheek hearts'"

"Lee Jehoon, Heart Signal"

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1. [+302, -24]
I can understand why V's best friends with them

2. [+213, -6]
So birds of a feather was science...

3. [+209, 0]
Everything from personality, to visual to acting skills is perfect for Lee Jehoon

4. [+181, -1]
I understand why fans hate their friendship, they are just all getting summoned at onceㅠ

5. [+138, -1]
I wonder how bad it was that journalists had to write titles like that?

6. [+57, 0]
People don't really remember Park Hyungik but was it after The Heirs was over? He had an interview with a journalist and he kept doing other stuffs and answering dryly that the journalist ended up writing an article directly calling him outㅋㅋㅋ ever since then, I thought that he was hopeless. Seems like he still hasn't come to his right mindㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+56, -1]
That group is problematic. All of them are so full of themselvesㄷㄷ

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