"I know that XXX is really popular in Korea but they actually aren't that popular in England"

They grabbed NewJeans by the hair saying that there were a lot of reactions about them in England compared to FIFTY

They grabbed BP by the hair by comparing their results

"And yet.
It's just a fact that no one really cares about the countless idols who went unnoticed behind the scenes after 'B' became a global group and stood tall around the world.

Most of the former idols we met confessed that they never received the settlement slip written on their agency contracts, paid back the agency's investments with local and overseas performances, and paid for their personal expenses with part-time jobs, but only gained their freedom after suing the agency because they couldn't dream of another life tied to a seven-year agency contract."

They were making a nuance insinuating that Bangtan was blocking the way for their hoobae groups

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1. [+306, -8]
Bangtan knows best the sorrows of small and medium-sized companies' idols who have no direct sunbaes and supports small and medium-sized companies' idols the most, but if you listen to what 'I Want To Know' said, you'd think that Bangtan was blocking the way for small and medium-sized companies' idols;; They were f*cking bullsh*tting on public broadcast talking about how Bangtan was the reason why other idols couldn't grow bigger ^^;;;; They already ranked on the HOT 100 at #4 even before Dynamite hit big and every Korean media already shut their mouths so I don't understand why this show is still doing this ^ㅗ^ Before Bangtan debuted, the team was on the verge of collapse because the company didn't even have the money to invest, and some of the members had part-time jobs, but if you look it up, it's funny to see that they let saying these things without looking up everything. F*ck~~~

2. [+252, -2]
Doing this will just make the FIFTY members even more unlikable. 'I Want To Know' basically ruined them even more

3. [+241, -1]
I'm f*cking sad. Do they think that my bias took the elevator up to get where they are? Bangtan was the group that people were looking down on when they first debuted and they are still saying such things about them? Wowㅋㅋㅋㅋ F*cking ridiculous

4. [+221, -3]
'I Want To Know' is over now

5. [+159, -1]
What's wrong with them?

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