He's currently confirmed to be on the #1 spot on MelOn's daily chart

No other female or male solo has achieved that this year
There was only 1 girl group who's been able to do it in 8 months

He ranked #1 on Billboard's main chart HOT 100

He also ranked #1 on Billboard's Global 200 for 6 weeks in a row

It means that for 6 weeks, Seven was the most listened song over the world. It's the best result in history

Jungkook seriously achieved everything

And he still looks like he's in his trainee days

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1. [+81, -1]
The music charts are filled with the strongest musicians currently and you're telling me that a male solo is 1st in the daily chart?... This is almost miracle-level on MelOn

2. [+69, -1]
All the groups who are a bit popular overseas released an English song but aside from Bangtan, they all barely caused any buzz. It's also hard for a Korean singer to chart with an English song but it's impressive that he ranked #1 on MelOn's daily chart with an English song

3. [+67, -1]
He achieved the best career-wise among Korean singers and he's only 25ㄷㄷ

4. [+64, 0]
Jungkook, congrats on ranking #1 with Seven on MelOn's daily chart

5. [+62, -1]
He's gonna win Artist of the Year

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