When RIIZE did their final 'fighting' at the end of their livestream, look at Sungchan's gaze while looking at Shotaro... seriously, I really hope that they succeed

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That's why, kick out that guy who brought his underaged girlfriend to the hotel and that hunting-pocha-man out already.... I'm annoyed at how I can't even fangirl peacefully

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Ha.. they can't help but be affectionate to each other after they endured the ambiguous times while having no other activities in NCT aside from group activities ㅠㅠㅠㅜ

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But Seunghan, in my opinion, did the most legendary f*ck up in the idol industry; (I'm really not trying to shield Sohee) so this situation is even more uncomfortable... No matter how I think about this, there's so much risk associated with keeping him in the groupㅠㅠ Even if it's a shame, I feel like it's a better decision to continue the group as 5.. Ha.. but honestly, what wrong did Sungsho, Anton, Wonbin and Eunseok commit?

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Ah f*ck, I'm crying..ㅜ

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I wonder if these two are the closest?? Since they've spent quite a lot of time together

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