Seventeen Joshua was caught doing Lovestagram, wearing couple items and doing all sorts of things with his non-celebrity girlfriend

1. Insta couple profile pictures

2. Couple bracelets

3. Couple ring

4. Couple look (with dates)

5. Couple cases

6. Lovestagram of their night stroll together

7. There was a witness seeing Joshua's mom with his girlfriend
His girlfriend and his mom were walking hand-in-hand

8. You can hear Joshua's laugh in his girlfriend's birthday video

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1. [+95, -3]
Seeing how they've been wearing the same clothes, I can understand why people are saying that they're living together

2. [+92, -4]
The reason why fans were mad at Joshua was because he didn't go on Weverse for over a month and while he wasn't communicating with the fans, he was making it so obvious with his girlfriend and has been spending his fans' money on their dates no...? So that's why people are saying that he's deceiving the fans. And it's S.Coups' birthday tomorrow too

3. [+84, -2]
But if this is all true and he's getting hate for it, he just has to live with it... Idols are living off their image so..

4. [+76, -2]
Tomorrow is his teammate S.Coups' birthday but Joshua's trending the day before because of his girlfriend and that's just a fact.. Besides, Seventeen hit big pretty late in their career so isn't this moment an important time in their career? They are also having a comeback in Japan and Joshua has been coming on Weverse only once a month and he's also said to be one of the members with whom it's the hardest to communicate with. He's now using this important time to make it obvious on his Instagram that he's dating so of course the fans feel deceived and are mad. He's been spending money going on dates with his girlfriend and is making obvious with their couple items... Dating is fine but he should cut it down on making things so obvious.. his job is all about his image too...

5. [+75, -2]
There's a limit to making things obvious..ㅜㅜ His girlfriend has been posting about Double Take, Sunday Morning's background, the sofa they picked, and the boyfriend picture taken on the sofa while revealing her house all on her Reels... I'm going crazy ㅜ

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