In a train on Seoul Subway Line 9, reports of unknown cause were received simultaneously, resulting in citizens being injured while evacuating in a hurry. It seems that the commotion occurred as citizens' anxiety increased due to a series of weapon riots.

Summarizing the explanations of the fire department on the 6th, at 8:36 pm on the same day, the first report of "smell of gas" was received on the train on Line 9 bound for Gaehwa from Eonju Station to Sinnonhyeon Station. Afterwards, reports such as “I smell strange,” “My throat hurts,” and “People fall while running” continued. When the train stopped, passengers hurriedly disembarked, and seven people suffered abrasions and bruises, and six of them were transported to a nearby hospital by ambulances. The fire department inspected the scene and found nothing unusual.


It is not yet clear how the passengers suddenly became agitated. An official from Seoul Metro Line 9 said in a phone call with the Hankyoreh, “There are only various anecdotes.” "At a similar time, BTS showed their tattoo on a broadcast and the fans started screaming, people around took it as an alert of stabbing and started reporting it to the police. "

Several photos and articles were posted on the social network service (SNS) to confirm the commotion that day. Inside the train, belongings such as shoes and bags of passengers who had been taken off while hastily fleeing were scattered around. One user said, “In the train, people in the front row suddenly started running as if they were surprised by something. The people in the middle, including me, didn’t know the situation, but (others) were running in fear, so we ran together anyway,” he said.

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1. Of course you should obviously run when you hear a scream in this current economy if this happened

2. It's because of BTS' fans...

3. Originator: BTS fans screaming, rebroadcast these news

4. Why is the media trying to shield them by making this type of title..?

5. Say it was from Army f*ck, stop making it ambiguous

6. It's not like nobody knows said "unknown cause" though...

7. People didn't run because they were "sensitive";;; Even if it's not because of the current times, people would've ran anyways. It's just scary 

8. I can't believe all this was created by idol fans f*ck..

9. They've all gone insane 

9. BTS fans are always being a nuisance to the public whenever something happens

10. These are sensitive times, if you stay still in situations like that, you can die...

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