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BTS indeed succeeded in the US but K-pop as a genre is still f*cking f*cking f*cking minor in the West... Most of the inssas in the West are into hip hop and if they liked K-pop, they'd be either treated like an otaku or nobody would care about them. However, it's a fact that it's pretty popular in the East

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Bangtan is popular, K-pop is not... in the West, most of the kids who like K-pop are either Korean or Asian. K-pop is only popular in China, Japan and SEA countries. But even in those countries, they are mostly interested in K-pop idols who are from their own countries. Groups with no members from their home countries aren't as popular

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There are a lot of racist kids who use that meme

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The way you guys feel about Russian or Indian singers is the way foreign kids feel about K-pop

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But just like one of the comments below, it's true that K-pop would play often in the streets or shops in foreign countries. I live in Europe and if you went to a clothing store (like H&M or ZARA), you'd here at least 1 K-pop song. I even heard Merry-Go-Round (by Sokodomo) last time

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