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Their eyes are big and their lower face is small, in one word, they look like AI. There are so many women like that on IG but I've never seen them in real lifeㅎㅎ

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1. It's because the kids you see on IG most likely heavily edit their pictures ㅇㅇ It's obvious they'll look different in person 

2. There are indeed pretty people in real life, but never as much as on IG 

3. There are some idols who debuted and people were going crazy over how much prettier they looked on their IG before with the filter and the editing... You realize that IG has its own world and it's true

4. My friend doesn't look like an AI but she's freaking pretty and she has lots of followers on IG 

5. If you go to popular places, you'd see a ton of them though...

6. Even if they're pretty, I've never seen someone at the level of beauty of IG 

7. Some of my friends have quite a large following but yeah, if we talk about the reality, they're all kids who edit and take pictures at their best angles. I was even shocked looking at how much they edit...

8. If you go to Apgujeong, or Seongsu you'd see a few of them 

9. Honestly I don't even find the IG kids that pretty... I don't think they have any aura to them... I don't think IG has any kids who have a natural aura

10. Huh? It's because most of them edit their pictures

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