"Chop chop the ends
I just cut my nails"

Because he always neatly and cleanly cut his nails
People have never seen the whites of his nails
He really is the top at self-management.....

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1. [+33, 0]
My heart is becoming at peace as I looked through the picturesㅋㅋㅋ his hands are pretty

2. [+28, 0]
I like how perfect his nail management is but I like it even more because his hands are pretty

3. [+26, -1]
He was wiggling his hands after waiting up but I can't see anything else but his nails

4. [+26, 0]
But seriously, that's not the only thing. The more you know him, the more you realize how amazing he is at managing little things about him

5. [+26, -1]
His personality is that of a perfectionist so he's very thorough and clean about self-management. I love him so much

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