Actor Park Jung-min and BLACKPINK's Jisoo will be a "military boots and rubber shoes" couple.

According to broadcasters, Park Jung-min and Jisoo have been cast as the lead roles in Coupang Play's new series "Influenza" (written by Han Ji-won, Ji Ho-jin, and directed by Yoon Sung-hyun).

"Influenza" is set in the air defense unit of a skyscraper in Seoul and follows Jae-yoon, a soldier, and his girlfriend Young-ju, who has just been informed of their breakup, as they run towards each other while battling hordes of zombies. Based on the novel of the same name by Han Sang-woon.

It is expected that a new K-zombie series will be born with the unexpected comedy of the "Parasite" director Han Jin-won, who speaks light in heavy and dark situations, the delicate direction of director Yoon Sung-hyun, who densely portrayed the story of restless youths in "The Guardians" and "Time to Hunt," and the energetic action scenes of writer Ji Ho-jin.

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1. She's acting again

2. Jisoo and acting.....?

3. Ah I feel like this will be fun but I hope that their acting is good. Looking forward to it

4. Uhm... I hope that the acting is good..

5. Ah...ㅜ I hope that the acitng is good..

6. I'm really looking forward to the male leads' acting

7. Hul this looks fun

8. But I really hope that Jisoo gets her act together and practiced a lot to show us an improved acting... please... I like her so much but I'm tired tired of shutting my eyes and ears to her, please ㅠㅠ I wanna look forward to this

9. Please, let's stop using actors who can't act as leads....ㅠㅠㅠ

10. I just don't think that Jisoo has the vocalization and tone for acting..

11. Ha.....

12. Park Jung-min will have to hard carry this and grab the acting by the neck..

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