"What's the worst thing that can happen to your bias dating?
1. Dating a female idol he'd been mentioning subtly on broadcast as his ideal type
2. Dating a popular top seed (t/n: top fansite) that even other groups' fans know
3. Dating an IG attention seeker who keeps posting emojis that represent your bias on her feed
4. Dating a BJ

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1. I'm sure they're dating their fansites secretly 

2. Yeah, my bias has dated his fansite

3. Wow all of them seem to be the worst

4. Yup my bias dated his fansite
> Did she change her fansite after?
>> Her fansite got cyberbullied... Hmm I don't remember that well, but I remember she closed her fansite

5. The ranking from worst to least worst is bottom-up 

6. Hul I thought that there was obviously no cases of dating fansites but was shocked to see the comments here 

7. I don't know about fansites, but there's that guy who sent an airdrop to a fan duing fansign...

8. Wow... But #4 is the worst

9. #4 is the worst

10. #4 is talking about Afreeca TV right? Not just some mukbangers or people who just talk..?

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