She started posting on YT again and she barely even wears makeup in her videos but she still looks f*cking pretty...

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1. [+471, -57]
When I see her, I just pity her... Lee Dong Gun basically dated another woman right after her and broke up with her like he went on another transfer bus but she was the one who got all the hate. It reminded me of how people were overrating Lee Dong Gun so much while hating on her as if he had an eye for people. Sigh, I just want her to spend her days happily like the way she does now

2. [+343, -60]
The kids nowadays don't know but Jiyeon was so successful at one point that she was on the same level as IU and Suzy. It's not easy to have a long-run popularity. People who are steadily popular like Taeyeon, IU and Suzy are impressive. Even among the successful idols of the 4th gen, the ones who will remain in the long-run will just be a small minority

3. [+284, -30]
She's indeed super pretty but her looks are ambiguous for acting as well as a solo singer... but somehow, she stood out the most as Jiyeon of T-ara. I feel like the only one who can have a successful solo would be Eunjung. Jiyeon has good visuals and is good at dancing too but I think that her position as a soloist is ambiguous

4. [+217, -213]
If only her eyes weren't that close, she would've been a legendary visualㅠㅠ

5. [+194, -35]
I wish that Jiyeon becomes much happier

6. [+146, -3]
Hwang Jegyun must be super rich but isn't Jiyeon also pretty rich? She's been in one of the top girl groups for a while and must've made hundreds of millions of won. Why do people keep bringing the man's wealth?

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