From a lead-role point of view

2016 - Beautiful Gong Shim (15.8%)

2017 - Good Manager (18.4%)

2017 - Falsify (12.4%)

2019 - Doctor Prisoner (15.8%)

2019-2020 - Stove League (19.1%)

2020-2021 - Awaken (6.2%)

2021 - The Veil (9.8%)

2022 - One Dollar Lawyer (15.2%)

2023 - My Dearest (10.6%)

Is Nam Goongmin

His only failed drama was 1 drama called 'The Undateables'

Almost 90% of his dramas are part of the 90% dramas with the highest viewership

What's impressive is that he acts in more than 1 drama a year

so I think that he's the most trustworthy male drama actors nowadays

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1. Stove League is the best!!

2. What's amazing about Nam Goongmin is that he's not working with some popular writer, big budget, fancy casting nor some highly anticipated works but all his works hit daebak. That's why he's so amazing. The genre of his dramas is diverse and his acting in Stove League was excellent

3. There are actors who are only good at acting... but in the end, you should not only have good acting but also a good eye to pick projects

4. To be honest, every drama he acted in was freaking fun. He's a guarantee

5. Wow I didn't understand his hype back then but I totally fell for him in My Dearest this time

6. I've been watching him carefully even since Beautiful Gong Shim

7. To be honest, if he appears in something, it's guaranteed to be fun

8. If Nam Goong Min stars in a drama, I wanna watch it

9. I cried so much during my Dearest

10. He's good at managing himself so he has a baby face

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