Shortly after her recent divorce from her husband, Britney is said to be dating her housekeeper named Paul Richard Soliz. Literally a housekeeper who cleans Britney's house and does housework

As a result of Page Six's own investigation into the man's identity, he has a criminal record of multiple minor and felony crimes.

The charges ranged from child abuse, driving without a license, and possession of a firearm.

The people around Britney are very worried, but Britney continues to hang out with this man and rather distances herself from the people around her. Now this man is not a housekeeper anymore.

Britney's spokesperson did not comment on the matter.

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1. I just feel bad for her

2. Unnie ㅠㅠ

3. I'm more worried because of her emotional deficiency... I just feel sorry for her

4. Even if you look at her SNS, you can clearly tell that she's not in her right mind 

5. This is how emotional abuse is scary ㅠ I just feel so sorry for her

6. I miss the days when she was dating Justin...

7. If you look into Britney's family...ㅜ I can understand why she has no eyes in dating... ㅠㅠ I feel so bad for her

8. Seriously I really hope that Britney can one day meet someone who is nice and kind to her

9. I f*cking can't understand, is dating someone that important to her? She's just dating anyone at this point 

10. I hope she doesn't get married to him.. 

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