"No but Lia Kim and Mina Myoung needs to be on "I Want To Know" right now. They always look so upset with each other on SWF all the time and only uses their emotions to fight. Seeing how they're always talking about the writers and the benefits, it looks pretty bad"

"For Redy and Bada
Redlic and Harimu, they all seemed to have had beef privately and solved their issues right away, but I was watching Lia Kim and Mina Myoung with this expression. They're way too sensitive about money issues"

"I turned off my AC to listen to Lia Kim and Mina Myoung's conversation"

Lia Kim: I feel like you're dissatisfied with a lot of things
Mina Myoung: Rather than dissatisfactions, in the end, I wonder if the title of the top choreographer of 1Million was 100% based on your own skills
Lia Kim: But it's not like I've stolen away from you
Lia Kim: Let's stop talking and just dance
Mina Myoung: Can I just say one thing?
Amy: She talks so much
Mina Myoung: Can you shut up?
Mina Myoung: I'll just do it now then, my mood is ruined

Mina Myoung VS Lia Kim 

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1. I used to like Mina, what's wrong with her

2. Lia Kim and Amy... Sigh

3. Aside from what Mina Myoung said, it's known that the 1st generation of 1Million dancers didn't have good relationships with Lia Kim. Wasn't Mina Myoung the ace of 1Million back then? After that, 1Million has only been on the deficit

4. Amy is such a b*tch...

5. From a business point of view, I can understand Lia Kim better..............

6. Mina Myoung was way too harsh with her words so it was kinda so so to listen to her... I hope they can resoncile ㅠ

7. They really seem to hate each other

8. I'm sorry...

9. Watching the broadcast, I was more empathizing with Lia Kim 

10. Ugh they shouldn't be talking about money issues on broadcast like that ㅋㅋ It reminds me of LipJ and Rozalin all over again 

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