While the plagiarism controversy of BTS' Jungkook's solo song "SEVEN" is spreading, criticism has been poured against Hybe's crisis management system that was way too delayed which escalated the incident.

According to the interview on the 23rd, composer Yang Joonyoung of Fin.K.L's 'Time of Mask', the original composer of the song that raised Jungkook's suspicion of plagiarism in SEVEN, sent an explanation to Hybe producer A providing a music file which revealed the same score, key, and speed, including the music sheet. 

It is reported that the related data was delivered to producer A, who is known as one of the closest aides to Hybe'sboard chairman Bang Sihyuk, at the beginning of this month.

An official familiar with the matter said, “Composer Yang Joon-oung wanted an amicable conversation rather than aggravating the problem through lawsuits or media reports, but there was no contact from producer A or Hybe.” He explained the situation at the time.

According to Alpha Economy, Hybe's risk management department is said to have focused on identifying and responding to the situation, such as sharing the contents within the company after the media coverage began.

It is said that the legal team also began reviewing whether Jungkook Seven was plagiarized at the request of the risk management department.

It was only then that Hybe was known to have conducted a fact-finding process centered on the risk management department.

In other words, it is known that inside Hybe, there was no prior sharing of information about the suspicions of plagiarism raised by Jungkook Seven until more than two weeks after the initial receipt of the explanatory materials from composer Yang Joon-young.

In addition, it is said that Hybe only reviewed the explanatory materials sent by composer Yang Joon-young until just before completely denying the allegations of plagiarism.

Lee Gil-woo, a lawyer at law firm LKS, said, "If you look at Hybe's official statement, it seems that the terms used in the statement were in preparation for future legal battles rather than their judgment of the case."


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1. Hul... The music sheets are completely the same

2. The music sheets are completely the same.... This is interesting 

3. The music sheets are literally the same, do they even have anything else to say aside from this?

4. Huh? Is it possible that this is only coincidence?

5. Isn't the composer of the song a foreigher...? The creator of Unholy, Havana, Senorita, Peaches, and I'm not familiar with the 1st generation of idols since I wasn't born, but I don't know

6. Hul but the music sheets are the same

7. I don't know either songs but looking at the music sheets, they're the same? .... Those are 4 counts??

8. This is the video comparing them 

9. I listened to them and they're so different though 

10. Ah I honestly don't know 

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