Yesterday, a foreign account made a tweet with most RTs, but the post was deleted.

You can see him in the background of EXO's self-made content
The video was allegedly edited at around 3:00 a.m. to remove that part of the video 
You can confirm it if you go to the K-pop Idol Talk category

He was indeed holding an object in his left hand

"They edited that part in D.O's video

It disappeared

1. What part?
> Indoor smoking
>> Hul

2. Wow they are working hard at dawn
> For real
> So they are working overnight, daebak

3. Wow... 5th center employee, fighting

4. Doing this at dawn, wow....

5. Seems like they know that smoking indoors is embarrassing

6. The employee in charge of their self-made contents is pitiful

7. In the dawn ㅠㅠ

8. Aigo...ㅠㅠ" 

original post: here

1. All the celebrities who smoke smoke indoors. Whether it's in the waiting room or in their car

2. But I wonder from whom do these idols learn smoking from? I can already think of a number of idols who smoke 

3. His image went out of the window

4. His image used to be that of a healthy and mannerly person

5. There are people right behind him too, what kind of sh*tty manners is that?

6. Will they die if they smoke in a smoking area? I seriously hate people who smoke indoors

7. Even if it's an e-cig, it's still rude to the people around

8. He can smoke all he wants since he's an adult but smoking indoors is not it

9. Can he not smoke outside?

10. Seriously, celebrities' image is all fake

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