The room where Joshua livestreamed and filmed his quarantine content.

Joshua's girlfriend's room as per her Instagram post

The blue floor, the picture frame in the corner (a light blue picture in a black frame), the moldings, and the chairs are all similar, so people are assuming it's the same house.

Fans also commented on the beautiful interior items and wanted to copy them.

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1. That's why the fans say that if he's dating, it's better for him to date a non-celebrity quietly or just date another celebrity

2. I feel like more than Covid being the issue, the bigger issue is that they keep showing off that they are living together and that his girlfriend has her imprint everywhereㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the fans are too kind and she's been trying to interfere with everything just for him to be waving at her at his concert. At this point, everything he did had his girlfriend's fingerprint on it.....

3. Hul..... he went to his girlfriend's house during his self-isolation time and even livestreamed it???? Wow... the deception is piercing through the skies

4. Even if he's an idol with a girlfriend, zooming in on Instagram photos and analyzing them is really f*cking creepy, so why is it that when it comes to idol relationships, we cross the line so easily and consume it so casually?

5. Ah this is a bit.... seeing how things keep on popping up is a bit meh;; no but, why would he film his livestream there..

6. They must be living togetherㅇㅇ

7. It just keeps on coming out the more you peel it... but I feel like people are slowly crossing the line... I get that fans are giving him money but... still, it must've been his dream to become a singer but who knew it'd turn out like this...

8. From the moment I saw them sharing clothes, I knew that they were living together...

9. ㅇ0ㅇ......... wow this is honestly not it......

10. I don't think that's his girlfriend's house. It must be a house they bought to live in together no? Doing a livestream in his girlfriend's house is just way too shocking and illogical;

11. I thought that we were gonna get new information but this was posted online a few days ago and people have just been bringing it up while trying to make all sorts of assumptions to hate on him. Just cut it down a bit. It's turning into a sports where you guys are trying to catch a person and it's disgusting. Is it really right that they are getting more hate than criminals?

12. It's already been long since the line was crossed. At this rate, he should just withdraw and live a happy life and it'll be over

13. No but this is too much....

14. No but what sins have the fans committed?... oh my...

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